Still (2017)

by Tony Fields

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released January 23, 2017



all rights reserved


Tony Fields Anchorage, Alaska

Just a guy expressing himself.

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Track Name: Still
I’d stop the world, for one more word.
Through every verse, I try to learn
How to better treat you, as I’m feeling blue.
Would you like to know? I never usually do.

Lately I’ve been falling down,
To a world where I was crowned.
Tippy toeing just to see the crowd,
And you’re nowhere to be found.

I’d give my all, if you’d ever call.
Set fire to the sun, we’d off and run.
I’m giving back the key, that you left for me.
Leaving thoughts behind so I can finally be.

Everyone has different views,
And I feel you’re someone new.
We always have our hearts to lose,
But it takes a stronger mind to choose.
Track Name: Taller Than It All
To you I’d be a past dream only. Mistakes aren’t bad, just hold you sad.

But you’ve learned so much.
The sky you’ve reached to touch.
In time you’ll learn to grow up.
And see all things as they’re meant to be.

This older view I held of you begins to fade. You’ve found a new space.

It’s harder I know, you’ll soon re live all those spells until you become inside who you really are to the heart, it’s what is meant to be.

I hope you’ve been looking back in to see the truth, your life is new.
Track Name: The Constant
I don’t need you killing my mood, but know that everything’s all right.
Always want to be the one who gives you the things that satisfy.
All that I am, all that you were. Keep on the path that leads you bright.
Please understand, they’re not the hurt. You’re just the one who brings the night.

Would you help me to consider everything that will come our way?
What works for them might be bitter to you, the mind is setting pace.
Let it all be.

While you intrude, I’ll ask that you throw away all you left behind.
Those of us who always feel blue will come around to free the mind.
Everyone wants nothing to lose, but will you cease to justify?
When you’re put down, you’re not amused. Merely the one who showed his life.

How will you breathe with the city burning down all on its own?
Most of your friends might feel pity, to you it’s all you’ve ever known.
Reach out and touch the hearts of many. Just take it back and work alone.
Then lay it down and show the world.
Track Name: Tree
You’re no good for me. I’ve got hopes and dreams, and I’m not letting them go, thought I’d let you know.
Rooted like a tree, thoughts no one can see, but I’m gonna let them grow beautiful.

Seems no one believes loving should be free, it’s tempting but leaves you low if you don’t know.
Holding onto things, sleep on memories. You’re not gonna get back home without your own hope.

I can’t hear your thoughts now.
Your voice can still be found.
I choose to go out.
We sleep easy with sound.
Track Name: Take Note
I didn’t know much ‘bout the things that I know now.
This world it ain’t so loud, and I know now it’s all in my head.

If this music’s all I know, and your head is hanging low,
I’d like to see just where this goes. Yeah I’m singing ’til I’m dead.

Would you curse the words I speak just to get back at me?
Cause I don’t ever want to think that my own words are haunting.
I am living week by week, how’s the life you’re leading?
Love’s the only hollow tree that I had planned on growing.

So listen up, take note.

I’m seeing all the hate between you and your mate.
Remember your first date, don’t let them say goodbye.

How’d you let them take control? Yeah I know you got some soul.
You’ll feel it taking hold, it’s all you need to survive.