Carry On (2016)

by Tony Fields

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released December 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Tony Fields Anchorage, Alaska

Just a guy expressing himself.

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Track Name: Game For Two
It’s summer time, I had my falls.
Constantly approaching every girl.
You were there, you held my hand.
We spent off on talking away the night.

Don’t you think I’d understand?
Won’t you believe I’ve been there?
Please rest your careful worried mind.
Some things aren’t meant for us to find.

You start to say I’m just like you.
Won’t you play this game for two?
You’ve helped so many through the night.
So come with me and touch the sky.

She held me high, I took her coat.
No gaping lies or hidden phones.
Here lies the memories holding you.
Least I can put this back to truth.
Track Name: Burdens
Having a thought, ain’t it a lot? Straight to the heart, you wouldn’t move.
Leaving the mind, love intertwines, grows all the vines. Both holding you.
You couldn’t see what’s happening because my dreams are made of gold.
If thoughts didn’t bring back you and me, how would I sing? Maybe it’s old.

But I know I was wrong to put you in a set of words that didn’t show.
How you cared, you were always there when I felt I had nowhere to go.
All this time, I’ve been trying to find a way to feel at home.
Feels as if someone’s cut right to the bone.

Searching the clouds, asking around, looking about. Always been here.
I hope you avoid missing the point, the very noise that gives you fear.
Stopped in your tracks, my heart attacks on the exact day you came clean.
What kinda answer is that? Holding the facts behind your back. Don’t make a scene.

Something’s wrong, I am used to the feeling of not being able to love.
Still I know there is hope for us both, and it’s dwelling on you from above.
Best to be more than some people think in this world than a lack thereof.
So tonight I will bring just enough.
Track Name: Grime
You’re covered in filth. You lie just to get what you want.
Soft under the shell you use to show what you’re not.
Where oh where is your heart? It’s seemed to beat off the charts.
Everyone wants to know when it is you’re coming home.

You might’ve been there, but you pulled the plug from the start.
Truth sets in as fear. What you love is no longer the art.
Help me to help you. I do say myself no one’s amused.
Turn this all back around. Would you sit and settle down?
Track Name: Carry On
Haven’t you noticed anything? What I’m missing’s somewhere between one more hello and one last minute with you.
I gripped the telephone when you called, heard your voice took my fall. You were saying how I broke your heart.

I play it back like a horror scene. I hope your heart travels free. I hope it carries on far away from me.
I was poison, I did no good. Left you right where you stood. Wish that I could tell what was on your mind.

I understand why you don’t talk. Your screams have turned into thoughts. I can’t hold it in for eternity.
Play it back for me so I see all the truth that it brings. I was holding out on a few other things..
Track Name: Pieces
I’ve loved so much.
I’d lose my touch.
We grew apart.
Night was so dark.

Your trust wore thin.
My heart sank in.
I took this path.
Not one to follow back.

You held my eyes.
I saw bold skies.
We fell so fast.
And I scurried past.

What was the point?
Why such poor choice?
We live and let go.
And search for home.

You felt such lust.
When all you cherished was trust.
I took my chance.
I left in advance.

Please hear my voice.
It’s not just noise.
I did my best.
I’ll let this end.