The High and The Heavy LP (2016)

by Tony Fields

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    Written, recorded and mixed by Tony Fields in Eagle River, Alaska. 2016

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Recorded and mixed in STEREO (for best results, plug in your headphones/earbuds)


released March 30, 2016

Written, recorded and mixed by Tony Fields in Eagle River, Alaska. 2016



all rights reserved


Tony Fields Anchorage, Alaska

Just a guy expressing himself.

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Track Name: Your Love
Wake up (wake up) don't let them make up (make up) all that you are, and start.
To take in (take in) what has her fakin' (fakin') somethin' she's not.

Be that someone, give them guidance to find love.
We're all looking for the same things to pick up.
Let your love be enough.

Look away, don't call for something' astray, someone you knew. Let it go.
I know you're only smiling 'cause you're really hiding it good, guess I should too.

Do you know me as good or lonely? 'Cause I feel both.
If you loved me, listen closely: I felt home.
See the things I wrote.
Track Name: Open Up for Now
Every time I get a hold of everything you've ever known, I dream of all the things.
Believing all the remedies give life to all the melodies I sing, only we.

Can stop what's holding down our hearts. They see no bounds. So open up for now and breathe.

Walking free, I'm water bound. The ocean wave's my favorite sound to be all around.
Sittin' on the muddy land, with grass and trees around me, man I know I've been found.

We all think too much. We're searching for a crutch. Loving you is such a dream.

So open up for now, like everything's allowed. Grasp the loving sound you seek.
Track Name: Thinking
I didn't know much, but I still sat there.
Hands in your lap with the wind blowing fair.
Something between you and I had a hook,
These days I don't care much to look.

Don't let the best of you fall out of place.
Your memory grows like the stars fill in space.
Promise me nothing, I don't wanna waste
The moments that have gone away.


Sing to me happy I don't need to hear
Anything less than the things you hold dear.
I don't expect you to listen to me,
Just want you to follow your dreams.
Track Name: Free
I don't wanna be everything you see, I just want you to love what it means.
I'll stay with my dreams, as you're rolling down the stream. Ain't it something not to have enemies?

Would you advise them not to speak?
I could only hope to rid you of these.
Does it matter if all your goals aren't reached?
Well, I'd love to know that you are free.

Paintings on the wall lighten up these halls. Knowing' you, it's not what it seems.
Simple melodies will hold your heart if these verses don't do the trick, I will cease.
Track Name: Shook
You shook my head, I'd wait to speak.
My cards were dealt entirely within your reach.

I stood outside, wished for nothing but the best.
Became the size of all the mountains, and fell back in.

I hoped you'd care to know I wasn't mad at all.
You held my heart atop the tree line, and let it fall.

Big dreams were yours. To hold on meant to let it go.
My love was strong before disaster I watched unfold.
Track Name: Happy Today
Don't you think it'd be a mistake not to say I love you?
With every moment I'm awake, I pray my message goes through.
My hands are tied, I never lied, but you surely ought to think so.
Some things change, others stay the same. In the end, I'll always love you.

Please don't push me away.
I hope you're happy today.
What does it mean if I stay?
Well I hope you're happy today.

Hold yourself high, don't look for a reply 'cause you know good will come around soon.
Listen for love, you're missing moments of beauty shrouded in notes out of tune.
Things can look far when you walk in the dark. Just know I'll always lend you my hand.
If you stick around, leave your heart to be found by a soul on both feet it can stand.

Please don't push them away.
They might be gone some day.
Forever I hope and I pray.
That you are most happy today.
Track Name: Lie
Leave, follow me into a dream that seizes time.
Can it be, your only wish is to see past all you find?

How did you end up here? x3

Alone. Go back home, turn off your phone, and gather your thoughts.
So go, buy all your clothes, put on a bow. His heart hurts not.

It's a lie (it's a lie) he is telling you. x2
It's a lie. x3

Speak, won't you speak? Let your thoughts leak, so he may go.
He doesn't see what you seek. He only wants to be told.
Track Name: What You Said
Let the world know you at your best.
Go past your window, it will all soon make sense.
Learn to live for the smile you've shown them.
Then you might see that there really is no end.

To the hope which you follow, you'll crush all the sorrow. It's freedom at last.
You'll fill in all the hollow, your needs turn to borrows. It's nothing to test.
And if someone is hurt, they could love what you said.

Walk past what hurts you, it won't help you grow.
Love's not a virtue, it's just something we know.
Time, oh time. It can hold you back if you don't
Find all the lies, don't lose your way in the smoke.